Case Studies, Projects, References

Case Study: Handmade Video Marketing

As one of my last projects at Frosch Sportreisen I had the mission to further develop and improve video marketing. The intention was to integrate video content into multi channel communication in a better manner and to become a proper pillar of corporate communication. Results were an increase of 85 % in channel impressions and of 75 % in watch time. All that with a budget of a few hundred Euros.

Case Study: Germanys biggest scavenger hunt

Community, friendly togetherness, sport as a social event - that is what the brand Frosch Sportreisen stands for. A brand core which cannot be fully experienced until being transported to "real life", which cannot be reduced to online communication. With "Germanys biggest scavenger hunt" we succeeded in making the brand experienced on live events under covid restrictions - whilst combining it with virtual omnichannel communication.

Marketing consulting in food retailing

Marketing in food retailing and especially for small businesses is an adventure on its own. Since autumn 2020 I may accompany Der Weingarten, a small wine store in my hometown, in marketing issues. An interesting example for how marketing works on a small scale and what happens if theory meets practice.

Successfully gaining back frequent buyers

Frequent buyers are precious. But what to do if they don't buy anymore? With great success and little effort we at FROSCH gain customers back, we thought to be lost.

The most historic Frosch Sportclub turns 90

In the corporate blog Frosch Stories I write about a Sportclub with history and its prominent guests.

Is individualized communication the big deal?

Individualized communication can increase a customers turnover. I give you some impression of the possible effects of sending out commercial communication to for customers (potentially) intresting topics.

Interview with the Chill-Report

Published in 2018 but still as fresh. I told the Chill Report about favorite styles of travel and bucket lists.